This goes out to a woman who has been like a mother to me for a couple years now, She had a massive heart attack August, 31,2012 with in that heart attack the mri had showed she had to major strokes in her motor function. This family nearly got back on there feet after many years of hardship they started off in San Jose California, The farm was falling apart and living expenses in California just got to them. The pape family moved to Oregon and that’s when I became friends with them.  A few years went by and her older son Barrett feel  asleep wile driving ending up in a car accident that had killed two people. The accident resulted his his girl friend giving birth at 61/2 months. He had no where to turn but his mother who took them in and helped with the hospital bill. Her son suffered through a mental brak down and has been living an unhealthy and harmful life, moving in to the hardship heome on the Papes new home in Oregon. 2 years went by and not paying any bills he slowly though his mother in to debt. He was evicted for property damage and not helping pay any bills. Don’t get me wrong here there was no other option besides having him and his family of 4 leaving. With bills on bill Dawnee Pape (mother) had started working  at Visiting Angles to help the family from having to file bankrupt. On August 31st 2012 she had her  massive heart attack at  (56)  now the family has been down depressed and struggling to keep the lights and water on. Her other son Kevin had to quit school and his dreams for a wile to help keep keep the house. We all are trying hard to keep this family going but we have no luck. Dawnee has been an a amazing woman who is kind and would try her hardest for even a stranger. As of right now she is in ICU with tube feeding and breathing, It’s now been more then 3 weeks and she still has not woken up she is showing limited to no signs of waking up Pllllllease if you can help this family I have done the most that I can and I still try every day the donation site is here she is a real person and a hero to many I just wish life could turn around and give this family a break.